Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March R.S. Activity Details

Sisters, we'll be having our March Relief Society Meeting on Thursday, March 11th at 6:30. We're going to be putting together Family Home Evening Kits. The idea is to make a library of kits that can be checked out. We want to make it easy to do family home evening. For example, "Oh Wow, what shall I do this week for FHE? Wait, I can go to the collection of kits that are available and pick one out. There are a variety of subjects to pick from. This makes my life so much easier. I don't have to think." (At least this is what Sister Ehrlich is hoping. She always found the thinking part difficult. Her brain would be on the verge of exploding. Exploding brains are terribly messy.)

In addition to that, we'll be working on another quilt, continuing the hygiene kits and Khris Jackson will be doing a class on putting together menus for the three month supply. This is for those who are new to the ward and haven't been able to do it. We'll also have our two food storage binders available to those who still need them or want them.

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